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WTM London opens on Monday

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However due to some variety of vaccine not being recognized/accepted by the UK, only less than 10 members from the Sri Lankan travel sector would physically attend the event.

“Others have appointed UK representatives to market their booths,” an official from Sri Lanka Tourism said.

This year too Sri Lanka will actively promote the ‘So Sri Lanka’ marketing campaign in the UK.

This year more than 65 countries will be represented by exhibitors from across the globe at WTM London. Every continent is featured, with exhibitors from countries in Central and South America such as Peru and Guatemala; from African nations such as Tanzania and South Africa and North Africa, Egypt, from Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thousands of delegates will converge on ExCeL London on 1-3 November for the physical event, and thanks to an innovative new hybrid format – there will be a virtual event on 8 to 9 November.

Europe leads the way, with representatives from almost 30 countries attending as exhibitors, from major destinations such as France, Greece and Spain and smaller ones, such as Sardinia, Armenia and Gibraltar.

Another 38 countries from further afield will be represented – from major destinations such as the US and India, and smaller, niche exhibitors representing businesses and tourist organisations in the likes of the Falklands, Galapagos and Iran.

Meanwhile London announced that from Monday 1 November, eligible travellers from Sri Lanka with appropriate proof of vaccination will qualify under the fully vaccinated rules for travel to the UK. However Sinopharm Vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group is not in this approved list.

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