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X-ray machine taken from Colombo to Mahiyangana

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Peradeniya University’s Veterinary Department Senior Professor Dr. Asoka Dangolla said since there is no suitable X-ray machine in this country to take the necessary pictures of the internal organs the injured female elephant ‘Sita’, it was decided to use the X-ray machine currently owned by the Wildlife Department for this purpose.

He also said that the relevant X-ray machine was taken from Colombo to Mahiyangana yesterday (02) afternoon. The professor also said that X-ray examination will be done under the supervision of the radiology technology officer and two veterinarians from the University of Peradeniya. He said seven bullets have entered the body above the heart of the elephant and the X-ray examination was to determine how far the bullets have penetrated the body.

Sita, who had come to participate in the annual Randoli Perahera at Mahiyanganaya Rajamaha Viharaya, was shot at around 3.30 am on September 30. An officer of the Civil Defence Department (CDD) attached to the Mapakadawewa Wildlife Regional Office was arrested. The CDD officer has said he shot Sita as he thought it was a wild elephant.

Dr. Dangolla said that after the X-rays, a firm conclusion can be reached regarding the extent to which the bullets that penetrated the skin near the upper part of the elephant’s front left leg have travelled into the body.

He said if a bullet is found to be close to the elephant’s heart, it will be difficult to administer an anesthetic to treat the elephant.

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