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Youth dies of head injuries

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A 22-year-old boy who had been admitted to the Kandy National Hospital together with his father with serious injuries after being hit on the head with a hammer and chili powder thrown on his face died on Sunday (25).

The deceased Thangavelu Sandalu Santhush was following a study course seeking employment in Japan.

The assault had taken place at Udawatte Kumbura in Hanguranketha on June 19 as a result of a land dispute between two parties. The suspects had fled the area after the clash. It is reported that there is a member of a Pradeshiya Sabha among these persons.

The Hanguranketha Police have taken into custody a woman who is alleged to have provided the chilli powder used in the attack to the suspects.

During Police investigations it has been revealed that there was a dispute between these two factions regarding the ownership of a land belonging to the Land Reforms Commission.

With the suspects in the incident fleeing the area, a certain group of persons had set fire to the main suspect’s house on June 19 and destroyed it. The Hanguranketha Police are carrying out further investigations.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 – 01:00

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