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‘Yukthiya’ nets over 40,000 suspects in one month

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Special operation ‘Yukthiya’ launched countrywide by the Police STF on December 17 to curb drug and other crimes, completed one month on Wednesday (17).

A total of 40,590 suspects were apprehended in the last month, ending on Wednesday (17), during the multiple raids conducted by the Police STF.

According to the Public Security Ministry, out of the total of 40,590 suspects that were arrested, 38,225 suspects have been nabbed for drug offences and 2,365 suspects who were on the list referred to police crime divisions were also arrested.

There were 13 types of drugs that have been seized during the period, including 73 kg and 300 grams of heroin, 206 kg of ICE, 948 grams of cocaine, 49 kg and 200 grams of opium, 7 kg and 200 grams of hashish, 655 kg of cannabis, 2,992,653 cannabis plants, 136 kg and 500 grams of mawa, 06 kg and 600 grams of thul, 01 kg and 800 grams of kush, 16 kg and 200 grams of madana modaka and 99,908 narcotic pills.

Out of the 38,225 suspects arrested for drug offences, 1,703 suspects are being further investigated based on detention orders, and 1,867 drug addicts have been referred for rehabilitation.

Investigations into illegal assets have been commenced against 225 suspects, while 2,801 suspects who were on the list of Police Narcotics Bureau and Police Special Bureau were also arrested.

It has been revealed that the market value of the total seized drugs is close to Rs. 4,791 million, and the market value of the confiscated property is close to Rs. 725 million.

Also, among the 2,365 arrested suspects in the list referred to the crime divisions, there were 536 suspects who had open warrants related to drug offences and 1,499 had open warrants related to non-drug offences.

A total of 149 suspects were identified and arrested through fingerprinting and 181 suspects wanted for crimes were also arrested during the operations.

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