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20-30% infections in Colombo could be Delta variant

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Health Services Deputy Director General Consultant Dr. Hemantha Herath said that this has been revealed through testing of virus samples obtained from infected persons.
“We are discovering information regarding these variants only through samples. We do not do genetic gradient testing on every patient who tests positive when PCR tests are done. Therefore, we do not receive information about all the patients we find. The Sri Jayewardenepura University informed us that approximately 20-30 percent of patients from the Colombo area could be infected with the Delta variant. It is an estimate,” he noted.

Consultant Dr. Hemantha Herath pointed out that the discovery of Delta variant infected patients in the North meant it has spread to almost all parts of the country.

He said that therefore, everyone should realise how serious the situation is and act accordingly.

Source DailyNews
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