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30 Surgeries sans Anesthesiologist at Hambantota General Hospital

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Director of the Hambantota General Hospital Dr. Suranga Ubeysekera said that almost 30 surgeries were performed at the hospital yesterday (14), despite the absence of an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Ubeysekera added that all these surgeries were performed under the supervision of the specialists and surgical anesthesiologists currently working at the hospital. He said that, even though the only anesthetist in the hospital went abroad suddenly without notice, the hospital provided the necessary services for the patients, with the full support of other specialists on duty.

Accordingly, 11 caesarean surgeries and nearly 30 other surgeries were performed on yesterday (14), while only a few could not be performed, Dr. Ubeysekera said.

He further said that Health Ministry officials, including the Director General of Health Services, have intervened to resolve this issue promptly, with the Deputy Director of Health Services scheduled to visit the hospital yesterday (14).

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