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A Crime to waste Children’s time with litigation – Rohini

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Matale district (SJB) MP Rohini Kaviratne told Parliament yesterday (24) that it is regrettable that teachers cannot be recruited despite the availability of funds in Provincial Councils.

She also said that even though a Cabinet paper has been issued to recruit teachers by the Provincial Councils, it has not yet been possible to do so. She said this while raising a question to the Minister of Education, Dr.Susil Premajayantha, in expectation of verbal answers.

The MP also stated that no matter which governments come, no matter which presidents are elected, the lost time where children are concerned, cannot be obtained, in the process of filing cases against the hiring of principals and teachers. She said that the children who have been away from school and at home for two years cannot read or write, and that she is questioning when the salaries of the Ministry Secretaries, Governors and other Ministry officials will be cut before the salaries of the principals and teachers.

MPKaviratne also said that it is impossible to get the expected high results from the children in the O/L and Advanced Level exams when there are teacher vacancies in schools. She said that it is illegal for the Director of Education of the Central Province to issue a circular stating that the principal’s salary will not be increased if the results of the Ordinary Level examination are low and the Education Minister should take action to suspend it immediately.

She also stated that there are 5,878 teacher vacancies in the Central Province. She said further that a circular has been issued, temporarily suspending the annual salary increase of principals of the relevant schools until the required result target is achieved, informing that all principals and teachers who reach the 90 percent target will be entitled to a special allowance in 2023 and the special allowance will be equal to three salary increments during their service period and paid at once.

The MP also said that salary increments are given to public servants in accordance with circular seven and ninety-eight under the heading of performance evaluation of public service officers of the Ministry of Public Administration and the performance evaluation is done according to the seventh chapter of the Institutional Code.

MP Kaviratne reminded parliament that raising children’s results is only one of the duties of principals and teachers, and in addition there are about 45 other duties. She also said that if teachers, principals, the Ministry Secretary and the minister have goals in education, they can continue on a beneficial journey.

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