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Accused files case for release of suspects in Vass Gunawardena case

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An accused in the case filed under the Oppressive Weapons Act against former DIG Vass Gunawardena said in open court yesterday (12) that the case

was a malicious step and the investigating officer in that case is also a defendant now. The accused said this when a case filed by the Criminal Investigation Department against seven suspects, including DIG Vass Gunawardena, for illegally possessing firearms, was summoned before Colombo Additional Magistrate Pasan Amarasinghe.

He mentioned that seven suspects including the DIG have been remanded for almost eight years for this case and no further investigation has been carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department.

The accused stated that the defendants, including the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who has been sentenced to death in the Mohammad Ziam murder case, are suspects and therefore they are not able to file an appeal. The accused asked court to release him and other suspects who have been in remand for eight years. The magistrate stated that he did not have the authority to release them in this way and ordered to send a reminder to the Attorney General. Former Deputy Inspector General of Police Vas Gunawardena, his sons Ravindu Gunawardena and Dinusha Vas Gunawardena, wife Chamali Gunawardena, police officers Indika Bamunusinghe, Krishantha Sanjeeva and Kalum Rangana are the suspects in this case.


Saturday, May 13, 2023 – 01:05

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