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Agri Ministry to resolve issue related to  purchase of organic fertilizers from a Chinese company  

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In the year 2021, the purchasing of organic fertilizers that the Ministry of Agriculture arranged to purchase from a private company in China has subsequently reached a problematic situation, so various steps were taken from time to time to resolve the issue.

But due to some practical issues that arose during the implementation of that step, it took time to settle the deal. In particular, the Sri Lankan government even had to pay a compensation of 6.9 million USD on the charge of damaging the reputation of the Chinese company that supplied the relevant organic fertilizers.

Although it was decided to get other fertilizer and agricultural equipment to meet this amount, it was difficult to get another product suitable for agricultural needs because the same organic fertilizer is produced by the company concerned.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided on 13.09.2022 to request the Minister of Foreign Affairs to come to a friendly agreement between China and Sri Lanka after discussing with all the relevant parties and submit the most appropriate proposals to the Cabinet to resolve this issue.

On Wednesday (07) a discussion was held at the Ministry of Agriculture under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries Mahinda Amaraweera to find a solution to the problematic situation caused by this organic fertilizer transaction. A group of officials including Janaka Dharmakirthi, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantations participated in that event.

The Ministry of Agriculture decided to take some more steps to solve this problem on Wednesday .

Accordingly, he decided to discuss this matter with the delegation including Ma Youxiang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Government of China, who will participate in the 37th Asia Pacific Conference (APRC) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to be held in Sri Lanka from February 19-22

It was decided to discuss the resolution of the problems that arose during the implementation of the court settlement between the Chinese Organic Fertilizer Company and the two state fertilizer companies in a manner that does not damage the friendly relations between the two countries as well as for the benefit of the Sri Lankan farmers.

The Minister of Agriculture instructed the Secretary of the Ministry to take steps to invite the relevant officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, President’s Attorney Mr. Ali Sabri, to this discussion.

In addition to this discussion, the Minister informed the officials that he and other officials are expected to discuss this issue with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Chinese Government who is to come.

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