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Allianz Lanka felicitates top performers

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Allianz Lanka celebrated and honoured its top-performing retail sales staff at a felicitation ceremony held on July 21.

The event marked the recognition of the exceptional accomplishments of the members of the Allianz Millionaire’s Club, who demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment by surpassing set targets.

Established in 2021, the Allianz Millionaire’s Club serves as a prestigious platform to acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding efforts of the company’s sales force. This year’s ceremony, which included an overnight stay at the luxurious Citrus – Waskaduwa, was a monumental occasion as the first-ever outing organized for these high-achievers.

Allianz Lanka’s Alan Smee CEO and Country Manager, Ranga Dias Chief Distribution Officer, Jayanath Alwis Head of National Sales, Prasanna Kodikara Head of Retail Sales, and Kasun Yatawara Head of Marketing, graced the event.

A total of 31 exemplary individuals qualified for the Millionaire’s Club in 2022, a testament to their unwavering dedication and exceptional sales prowess.

Chief Distribution Officer Ranga Dias stated; “Our Millionaire’s Club members have truly redefined dedication and commitment.”

“Their relentless drive and tireless efforts have propelled Allianz’s success in Sri Lanka to unprecedented heights. Every sale they have made has been a building block of our accomplishments.”

“We take immense pride in honouring and celebrating them today, and we are genuinely excited about the bright horizons they hold.”

The Allianz Millionaire’s Club felicitation ceremony truly exemplified Allianz Lanka’s appreciation for the dedication and outstanding work exhibited by its top sales personnel. It underscored the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and recognizing the pivotal role played by its sales team in achieving organizational goals.

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