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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ only job application auctioned

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Steve Jobs had applied for this job, three years before he co-founded Apple with friend Steve Wozniak and when he was only 18-years old. It is being said that this is the only job application Jobs ever filled in his life.

As per the description on the auction site, the application read, “Name: Steven Jobs, Address: Reed college, Phone: None and Major: English Lit.” Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College, Portland, and then penned down this job application.

In 1974, Jobs reportedly took a position as a video game designer with Atari and met Steve Wozniak. In 1976, Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers and released Apple II in 1977, which was the company’s first successful personal computer.

But, this is not the first time that Steve Jobs’ application has been sold at an auction. The memorabilia has gone on auction thrice before this – sold for USD 18,750 in 2017, then for USD 174,757 in 2018, and for USD 2,22,400 in March 2021, rising in value each time.

In this latest auction which is different from the previous ones, Winthorpe Ventures offered the Jobs’ application as a physical copy as well as as an NFT, meaning the highest bidder will take ownership of something digital. However, the NFT version of the document could only fetch USD 23,076.- DNA

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