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Artificial Intelligence to be taught in all schools from 2024

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Pilot programme carried out in 20 schools in June

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be taught in all schools countrywide from Grade 6 to 9 and from Grade 10 to 13  from next year (2024) and a pilot programme will be carried out in 20 schools in June.

With the aim of raising the country’s education sector in line with the level of international education, the subjects of information technology and artificial intelligence will be taught to students in school system from the year 2024. The pilot project will be implemented in 20 selected schools at the end of June, Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said.

He said this while participating in the prize giving ceremony of the essay competition held to commemorate the Commonwealth Day at the Education Ministry on Thursday.

“Also, in addition to teaching these new subjects, various measures have been taken to popularise the use of English language among the student community and said that the situation will be further promoted in the future. Accordingly, in this year, at the beginning of school studies in 2023, all over the country, the children from the first grade have started using the English language in a practical way in every school. He also said that a decreasing trend is reflected. The Minister also mentioned here that although students in Sri Lanka often have a good writing and understanding ability in the use of English language, the weakness in explaining something to others in English is expected to be prevented by the implementation of these programs,” he added.

The Minister said here that through the implementation of the transformational process of education in the school system, it is hoped to give the school children through STEAM education how to blend the conceptual knowledge acquired in the classroom under general education into practical use in the classroom as well as outside it. Accordingly, by implementing STEAM education (STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) based on the subject of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art, there is no need to prepare for the exams for a long time and get more marks in the rainy exams. He said that there is no need to take tuition and that students can easily get more marks through the practical modular method conducted in the daily classroom.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 – 01:05

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