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Bakery product prices to stay unchanged

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The All Island Small and Medium Bakery Owners Association (AISMBOA) said although the price of imported eggs are going to be sold to bakery owners at Rs. 30 each the price of bread and related bakery products could not be reduced as requested by authorities owing to the day to day escalating prices of raw materials such as yeast, margarine, coconut oil and related ingredients that are used to make bakery products.

Speaking to Daily News Business AISMBOA, President Niruksha Kumara said in addition the increasing of electricity tariff with effect from this month and the recent price hikes of LP gas have also badly affected bakery product manufacturers.

He said under such circumstances authorities should understand that no bakery products including bread could be reduced although imported eggs are sold to them at Rs. 30 each.

The AISMBOA President also warned health authorities to check whether the expiry date is clearly marked on imported egg boxes like in all other products manufactured in Sri Lanka or imported from foreign countries.

He further said since bakery owners are under the impression that there is also a possibility of outdated and rotten eggs in egg craters many of them are reluctant to buy eggs in bulk. Kumara therefore proposed authorities to take immediate steps to encourage people to start home based poultry farms in the country rather than importing eggs from foreign countries since the country has adequate resources to start poultry farms.

“If so, the country could save millions of foreign exchange while providing employment to our youth,” he added.


Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – 01:00

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