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Ban high fuel guzzling vehicles over 2000 CC – MPs

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Effect a Work From Home (WFH) schedule

The Independent Group of MPs has decided to submit several short-term proposals to the President and the Prime Minister to minimize the current fuel crisis.

It includes a number of proposals such as a temporary ban on all cars and jeeps with an engine capacity of over 2000 cc and a two day Work From Home (WFH) schedule per week instead of declaring Friday a public holiday.

“This might hurt some people, but it cannot be helped. Those with such large capacity vehicles might say if they can afford to pay for their fuel and run their vehicles why should the government worry, I must remind them that although they may have the rupees to pump fuel, the government does not have the dollars to import the fuel. There are certain luxury vehicles that only run around 4 to 5km per liter of petrol, but the three wheelers run around 25-30 km with a liter of petrol.” Commenting on the government’s decision to declare Friday a holiday for all government workers, he said the country needs to work harder than before to come out of this crisis. “The government decided to declare Monday a holiday due to the unavailability of fuel. Now Cabinet approval has been given to declare Friday a holiday for all government servants. However, if we are to come out of this crisis, what is needed is to work more than we did before and not to work less. It is true that we have a fuel crisis. However, what can be done is to get the government workers to report to work on three days of the week and work from home on the other two days online.”


Thursday, June 16, 2022 – 01:02

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