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Bid to enhance skills of boxing officials

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In a pioneering move that promises to uplift the standards of officiating in local boxing tournaments, the Referees and Judges Commission of the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has achieved an impressive milestone by successfully orchestrating the inaugural course for National Technical Officials (NTOs).

Breaking new ground in the realm of boxing officiating, this groundbreaking initiative seeks to enhance the skills and knowledge of officials who oversee NTO appointments in domestic boxing competitions. The course, held during the 47th National Sports Festival from August 5 to August 9,

2023, combined instructive morning lectures with hands-on practical training sessions. The course reached its pinnacle with comprehensive assessments including written, viva voce, and practical examinations on the final day, which marked a turning point for the following individuals who emerged as certified NTOs:

The Referees and Judges Commission proudly extends its sincerest congratulations to these esteemed officials -Lisanthi Sumanadasa, Vindya Roshini, S.K Karunarathna and Sunanda Godawithana for their exceptional accomplishments in achieving the status of certified NTOs. Their achievement holds monumental significance, as they become the trailblazing graduates of Sri Lanka’s maiden NTO course. The successful execution of this groundbreaking initiative was made possible by the expertise of a panel of renowned instructors, including: IBA (International Boxing Association) Deputy Technical Delegate Lt. Col. Hemantha Weerasinghe (rtd), IBA ITO (International Technical Official) Wasantha Kumara, IBA 3-star officials Udeni Kiridena, Rukman Wekadapola and IBA doctor Tharanga Aruggoda.

An eagerly anticipated award ceremony is scheduled to honour the newly certified NTOs on August 25, 2023, at the Royal MAS Arena. The event will coincide with the finals of the BASL Intermediate Boxing tournament, adding an appropriate backdrop to celebrate the remarkable achievements of these individuals and their substantial contributions to the sport.

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