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Brandix launches ‘Ran Daru Abhises’ to strengthen Sri Lanka’s learned workforce

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Leading Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer Brandix, launched ‘Ran Daru Abhises’, a scholarship scheme to support high-performing students qualified for university education across Sri Lanka. The initiative is designed to enable students selected to state universities to continue their higher education without hindrance, thereby strengthening the future learned workforce of the country.

An event marking the symbolic launch of the programme took place under the patronage of the Minister of Education, Dinesh Gunawardena, parallel to World Children’s Day, October 1, 2021. The first recipient of the Brandix ‘Ran Daru Abhises’ scholarship, K. Akshika, was presented with a scholarship to support her as she received her tertiary education at the University of Colombo, Faculty of Technology.

Akshika was ranked second All-Island and 1st in the Batticaloa district in the Bio Systems Technology stream at the 2019 G.C.E Advanced Level (A/L) examinations and was employed at Brandix’s facility in Batticaloa while she awaited her results, during which time she performed her duties exceptionally.

Participating in the event, Minister of Education, Dinesh Gunawardena recognised Brandix for setting an example through its socially responsible actions across its communities. “The Ministry of Education would like to thank Brandix for making the decision to support education through the Randaru Abhises initiative. It is important that private businesses extend their support to help children continue their education and Brandix is taking a very important step in this regard. I would also like to invite Brandix to continue working closely with the Ministry to support students in areas beyond traditional higher studies.”

A significant portion of students in Sri Lanka qualifying for state universities face varying obstacles as they pursue their higher education, which in turn impacts their employability and career progression. The Brandix ‘Ran Daru Abhises’ initiative will address this issue by making an annual selection of the best A/L exam performers from communities within the ‘Brandix Model Village’ projects and support them for the 4-year duration of their university education. Phase 1 of this programme will award scholarships to 18 students across 8 districts.

“With Education being one of our pillars on which our CSR concept is founded on, ‘Ran Daru Abhises’ is the next milestone in supporting aspiring youth of Sri Lanka to ensure the continuity of their education despite financial constraints and other challenges.

“The initiative will also create an opportunity for our team members at Brandix to become an ‘Abhises Champion’ and support its funding, enabling them to play an active role in inspiring a difference across recipients of the scholarship,” said Malika Samaraweera – Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Brandix Apparel Limited.

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