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Budget has lost its lustre with the masses – Fonseka

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He said that the possession of weapons at the site was an illegal act by a senior army officer and that it was used to sling mud at the then government.

He added that there was no need to bring RPG or claymore mines to Colombo as no Military Intelligence personnel had ever been deployed for long distance operations.Fonseka said that they were done by the Special Forces.

He also stated that he was the Jaffna area Commander at the time of the Millennium City incident. He further stated that the government was overthrown using those war heroes.

Commenting on Budget 2022, he said that it was a Budget that wanted to take from the people and nothing about giving the people anything. “In a budget speech the people must be reassured and they should have faith in the government. But, that did not happen. In fact people lost faith in the government.”

He added that the Finance Minister had, in his budget speech expressed intention of producing fabrics needed for the garment industry within the country. “This is another ploy to cut down the forests and grow cotton,” he added.

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