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CCTV technician, domestic arrested over robbery

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Watched house cameras over mobile phone

A person who had installed a security camera system in a house in Kadirana, Negombo, had taken control of the security camera system on his mobile phone and along with a maid of that house, stolen gold and cash worth more than Rs. 2.4 million.The Katana police which had discovered information regarding this theft, had taken into custody three persons  including the individual who had fixed the security cameras as well as the maid working in the house and another person, on the evening of February 22.

A senior police officer said that investigations revealed that the maid of this house was a relative of the person who installed the security cameras.

The person who installed the security cameras is a 50-year-old resident of Annasihena, Ragama.The Police said that the maid of the house was a 53-year-old resident of Harischandrapura, Negombo. The third person who was arrested was a 43-year-old resident of Davatagahawatte, Negombo.

According to the police, the house that was robbed was the residence of a couple and their children, who had come to Sri Lanka after working for some time in Italy.

Investigations have revealed that the person who installed the security camera system watched everything happening in the house through his mobile phone, and had turned off the camera system with his mobile phone when the residents were not at home, gone to this house and with the help of the maid, engaged in stealing gold and other belongings.

A senior police officer said that the husband of this family has recently left for Italy and the wife and children were also to go back to Italy in a few weeks.

The police said that during an investigation into the disappearance of a ring of belonging to the housewife, it had been discovered that a large number of gold items that she had at home were also missing. Accordingly, she had approached the police about this on February 21 and said that she had brought a stock of gold worth Rs. 1.9 million from Italy, and 07 Apple bluetooth hand- free sets worth nearly six hundred thousand rupees, and several bottles of valuable perfumes and other items were missing. Then she had filed a complaint.

During an investigation conducted based on the complaint, it had become apparent that the maid of the house was involved. The police said that information about the theft was revealed when she was interrogated for a long length time. Accordingly, the police mentioned that she and her relative, the technician who fixed the security camera systems, and the third person who had assisted them in this theft had been arrested.

These three suspects were remanded in custody until March 9 after they were produced before the Negombo Magistrate’s Court yesterday (23).




Friday, February 24, 2023 – 01:00

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