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Certain groups instigating public at queues – Minister

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Co-Cabinet Spokesman Minister Dr.Ramesh Pathirana said certain groups are attempting to take political advantage by causing inconvenience to the public or by creating various conflicts.

The decision to seek the assistance of the Security Forces has been taken to monitor and systematically regulate the petrol distribution mechanism to ensure that certain groups are in possession of their stocks of petrol without distribution.

He was responding to a question by a journalist regarding a recent protest held in Jaffna at a media briefing held at the Government Information Department yesterday (22).

Sri Lanka has a shortage of diesel in the last two days due to the inability to issue credit, but it is very clear that there are sufficient stocks of petrol in the country. The Minister further stated that the Petroleum Corporation has made it very clear that it has provided for the sheds.

The Minister further said that since the current government came to power, the Security Forces have exercised restraint during the protests they have not used force on any of the protesters.

The Minister said Security Forces have the responsibility to protect State institutions as well as to give them the opportunity to carry out their protests and that the Security Forces will not abuse the law in any way.

He further said that the present government led by the President accepts complete responsibility for the difficulties faced by the public owing to the queues that are forming for fuel and gas.

Responding a query by a journalist regarding the deaths of individuals at fuel and gas queues during the past week, the Minister said this it is a sensitive matter and the government is doing its best to overcome the economic crisis.

He said that certain matters are beyond the control of the government since the price hike of crude oil in the world market has also become a reason for the crisis. The Minister noted the present crisis has become a complex matter and pledged that the government is prepared to make sacrifices and dedications towards addressing all grievances.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 – 01:08

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