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Ceylon Curry Club looks to rebrand Sri Lankan cuisine

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Popular premium Sri Lanka cuisine takeaway Ceylon Curry Club has looked to rebrand Sri Lankan cuisine with their new physical venue at the Dutch Hospital complex in Fort. The attention to detail, pleasant ambience and inclusion of Lankan inspired alcoholic beverages makes the dining experience enjoyable to even those who have mostly consumed Sri Lankan cuisine over the previous week.

The Ceylon Curry Club began as a delivery-only service operating out of the kitchens of the Stuart Hotel in Fort. The service was very popular and even though the product had many competitors and demanded a price premium there was no shortage of demand. The management then decided to take their unique proposition to the Dutch Hospital complex when restaurant space made itself available around May last year.

Ceylon Curry Club looks to rebrand Sri Lankan cuisineThe menu also offers ‘Authentic Curries’ which seems a more suitable choice for those looking to experience Sri Lankan cuisine with the ability to order multiple curries and accompany it with a choice of rice, hoppers, roti, or pittu. Hoppers are available throughout operating hours and are freshly prepared on a hopper cart and served to the table from a moving live cooking station. The takeaway business remains strong and will continue to be serviced out of the main kitchen with a side entrance for delivery drivers. The restaurant has recently launched its “Curry in a Hurry” offering which offers the office crowd the option of multiple curries, a beverage, a wade, and a dessert and the service is available from noon to 3 pm.

The Ceylon Curry Club will continue to experiment in the Dutch Hospital region and use the broader marketing clout of the George Stuart group to eventually expand the successful business. The business is already popular with the office crowd from the World Trade Centre and over time intends to capture more of the market with the expansion of the Port City region. The restaurant is trying its best to put a local spin on the international dining experience and it is an interesting space to watch. For instance, the restaurant places curry leaves as opposed to flowers on the table with scope for long term success through better usage of aromatic experiences during the dining experience.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 – 01:00

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