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Chess star Jayandi Bimansa pride of Kalutara

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Bimansa’s extraordinary talents were noticed by Madushan Sameera Dissanayaka the current chess coach of the Bandaragama Central College and she was encouraged to take part in chess competitions by providing further training.

Bimansa came to competitive chess in 2017 but performed very well specially in 2020 and 2021. She won Championship of 8th Kalutara International Rated Chess Championship Under 11 girls Category. After that she played in the Kalutara Novices womens Chess Championship and 12 years old girl Bimansa was selected to major Division Chess Championship in 2020.

Then she played National major division Chess Championship but unfortunately Bimansa lost all games of that tournament despite losing all rounds of the tournament.the experience gained can be considered as a turning point in Bimansa’s chess career encouraged by the defeat in the tournament, Bimanza continued to train very well with her coach few months ago Bimansa selected to play national under 14 girls grand prix chess championship. this tournament is the biggest under 14 chess event in Sri lanka. after Bimansa played national women amateur Chess Championship 2020.

The performance of these two tournaments gave her the chance to be international rated Chess Player because of the pandemic again tournaments stopped but thanks to the chess federation of Sri Lanka they organizd online youths event that helped Sri Lankan Youth chess players Jayandi Bimansa is also a member of the Super Fighters Chess Club “C. Team” of chess federation of Sri Lanka online team championship and won third place in Group D. Bimansa was able to play the Sri Lanka Women’s Grand Prix 2021.

Super Fighters Chess Club student Jayandi Bimansa increased 67 ELO rating In this tournament she won two rounds and two draws with highly rated players including national women team players.

Now Bimansa is one of highest international rated Youth girls players in Kalutara District. Since 2020 Bimansa went on to train with more dedication and effort. Some days she would wake up early morning and practice chess. She thanked everyone who supported her chess career and she said; “I love chess very much,that is my passion. I want to be a Grand Master one day”.

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