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‘Clear conspiracy to oust well-established politicians in the Govt’

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Chief Government Whip and Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga yesterday alleged that there is a conspiracy to politically isolate the well-established politicians in the Government and remove them from politics under the guise of a struggle.

He said that SJB, JVP, The Frontline Socialist Party, the section of the Tamil Diaspora, and certain representatives of non-governmental organizations are behind this conspiracy. They do this in the guise of helping the struggle. This conspiracy is being perpetrated because of their fear of the political opinion of the SLPP.

SLPP politicians who represent the government have been targeted by this conspiracy and the aim of the conspirators is to prevent these politicians from being among the public and visiting their villages.

This is being done to defeat political sentiments of the SLPP at future elections,” he said.

The Minister made these remarks during a special discussion held with the MPs representing the Gampaha district and the heads of local government bodies in the district regarding the upcoming political programme of the Gampaha district.

These conspirators used the people’s pressure caused by the shortage of fuel, gas, and electricity for their advantage and the main target of the violent incidents that took place on May 9 and July 9 were the politicians representing the ruling party.

“The SLPP still holds the majority of power in Parliament it received in the 2020 Parliamentary Elections. No one can act inside or outside Parliament by forgetting the massive 6.9 million people’s mandate. The party is strong and our branches, women’s, youth and affiliated organizations are still with us. It is true that the party suffered certain setbacks. But still, our party members, supporters, and public representatives are with us,” he added.


“No one can stop our political ideology by burning houses and threatening us. We will stand up stronger than ever. Therefore, we should restart the politics at the village level. We should not be ready to do politics the way the political conspirators want. We must reveal the real situation of this struggle to the people of the country,” Minister Ranatunga said.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – 01:00

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