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Commitment to achieve betterment of our society and future generations through excellence in education

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Central Board of Secondary Education  Gulf  Sahodaya (CBSE Gulf Sahodaya) of International school principals in Middle East and  western Asia was held today (7) in Colombo.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime  Minister  stated that

In the past three decades, this organization of dedicated school principals has made great progress in fostering the quality of education so that the youth who can be entrusted with the responsibility of our society can attain their future aspirations.

Education is the basic foundation for the progress and prosperity of any society. Leaders, innovators and visionaries of tomorrow are nurtured and shaped through our schools. You are the creators of this transformative process that leads to the knowledge, enlightenment and empowerment of our students.

We are truly proud of Sri Lanka’s contribution to education in many countries including the Gulf region, Africa and Asia. Many of the leaders and representatives of those countries I meet highly appreciate the work of Sri Lankan teachers in those countries. In the face of unprecedented challenges, you have demonstrated the ability to adapt to the situation without wavering. When the Covid-19 epidemic became a challenge to our education systems, you managed to face it through new methods with your skill and determination. From regular classrooms to distance learning models, you have reached innovation in education.

As a leader, we dream of a society where every flower that strives to bloom, regardless of background or circumstances, is given the opportunity to flourish. Every child should be given the basic right to education and be equipped to face the challenges of the world. Together with the government and educators, we must take steps to ensure that no child is left behind and invest in their education and distribute the investment equally.

This responsibility rests not only on educators and policy makers. It is a collective effort. It requires the active participation of parents, communities and stakeholders at all levels. Apart from the basic elements of education, the importance of character development and holistic development needs to be emphasized. As pioneers of education, it is essential to inculcate values such as honesty, empathy and tolerance in children.

In this digital age, preparing students for an ever-evolving world is extremely important. Having embraced technology, we must ensure that our youth are not only academically but also technologically literate. The powerful influence of education on the lives of individuals and the destiny of nations should never be forgotten. Let us commit ourselves to carry on those tasks with unwavering determination knowing that the future of our nation depends on a generation of students guided by the wisdom and compassion of the learned.

Let’s dedicate  ourselves  to achieve  excellence in education and the betterment of our society and future generations.

Deputy High Commissioner of India Sathyanjal Pandey, Chairman of Gulf sahodaya- Central Board of Secondary Education V.R Palaniswami, General Secretary Dr. V. Binumo and other officers of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Principals of over a hundred international schools participated in the event.

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