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Country in peril due to COVID – UNP

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“The Government should focus on the precarious situation in the country and take every possible effort to save the people from the pandemic,” he said.

Abeywardena was speaking at a press conference held at the party office in Galle yesterday.

He said that the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading to every part of the country very fast.

“If the Government went for a crash programme to vaccinate the people by February this year, hundreds of lives could have been saved.”

Abeywardena said over sixty people die a day of COVID-19 now. Many lives could have been saved, if half of the population had been fully vaccinated. He said that the health authorities should be given a free hand to continue their efforts in mitigating the spread of the pandemic.

The Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament should be given more powers to control this situation.

Source DailyNews
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