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Cricket team needs to get service of Psychologist, says Prof Arjuna

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Sri Lanka cricket team has to get services from Psychologist and it is timely after struggling at ongoing test series said Professor Arjuna de Silva who is the chairman of the medical committee. Sri Lanka cricket has very busy schedule ahead while they have to play LPL, Asia Cup, ODI World Cup as well as domestic tournaments and players have to keep physically and mentally strong.

Sri Lankan batting specialist coach Naveed Nawaz said that there is no Psychologist with the test team at the moment during the post match conference on last Monday. But Psychologist must be included at this stage and he has to get close to the cricketers, added Prof Arjuna.

Today most of the foreign teams have Psychologist as well as dietician and these two major roles have to be fulfilled. The players having ups and downs at any stage and they can’t perform always and at this stage the service of Psychologist is very important, said Prof Arjuna.

When “Daily News” pointed out about services of Psychologist Sri Lanka Cricket top official said it is very important and they have an idea to add these two officials very soon.

Today top cricket teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India have these officials such as Psychologist, dietician, team doctor and security officer are giving much needed assistance to the teams. Not only cricket but also other sports like Rugby,Football, athletics, Netball are used to get services of this personals.

If a batsman or bowler continuously fails, he should seek support from Psychologist. In modern sporting era Psychologist and dietician have very big role, added Prof Arjuna.Meanwhile two persons Psychologist and dietician were included for the cricket team recently but Daily News learnt that cricketers are not getting their full services.

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