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Current shortage of medicine will be resolved in three weeks – Health Secretary

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Rs.110 Bn allocated in Budget 2023 for supply of medicines

Health Secretary Janaka Chandragupta yesterday stated that Rs.110 billion has been allocated in Budget 2023 only for the supply of medicines.

He said that an amount of 73 billion rupees was earmarked for the supply of medicines this year and that the current shortage of medicines in the country will be resolved in the next two to three weeks. He stated this yesterday (28) at the press conference held online with the officials of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Mass Media.

He also said that the best proof of the continuity of the Health Service is that a large amount of money was allocated in the budget only for the supply of medicines.

He said that although some medicines which were in short supply in the country were ordered, it will take three to four months to receive the ordered medicines in the country and there is no shortage of essential life saving medicines. He also said that all departments such as the Legalized Medicines Corporation, the Legalized Pharmaceutical Products Corporation, the Medical Supply Division, and the National Drug Regulatory Authority are working together to supply the necessary medicines to the country.

He said that 20 percent of the medicines required by the country are currently produced locally and steps will be taken to increase it to 40 percent.

He also said that the drug production zones established in the country in the coming period will make the production of drugs successful locally and save foreign exchange for the country.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022 – 01:12

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