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Dach Ayurvedic Hospital distributes books to schools

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Recognizing its corporate social responsibility, Dach Ayurvedic Hospital, one of the leading Ayurvedic hospitals in Sri Lanka- has launched a number of social services including distributing books to school and Dhamma school children.

Marking a significant step in this direction, books were donated to Medirigiriya Damyopura Primary School, Moratuwa Sri Ariyawansa Dhamma School, Panagoda Saksasingharamaya Dhamma School and to 600 low income children in the Colombo recently.

Taking the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation into consideration and by adhering to the enforced health and safety guidelines, the staff of the Dach Ayurveda Hospital has arranged for the books to be delivered directly to the homes of the children. Directors, Dach Ayurvedic Hospital, Dr. Danushka Grero and Dr. Channa Jinasena were present at the distribution of the books.

Dach Ayurvedic Hospital, has amassed a reputation for treating gynecological diseases, has been successful in fulfilling many women’s maternal dreams through their unique Ayurveda treatment methods. It also has an outpatient department (OPD) and an experienced medical team is constantly dedicated to providing service.

Dach Ayurvedic Hospital is also planningg to provide residential facilities to patients in the future. “The Dach Ayurvedic Hospital, which provides close and personal services to expectant women, is constantly involved in social welfare activities. Distributing books to school and Dhamma school students is a special feature of this,” says Dr. Dhanushka Grero – Director, Dach Ayurvedic Hospital.

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