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Data analytics an essential business tool

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Data analytics is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Business analytics, business intelligence and data science are also commonly used terms to describe the space. 

The area is the intersection between computer science and statistics. Other disciplines such as marketing, finance, engineering and AI also feature in this sector. The idea is to leverage data in order to achieve business goals and solve complex business problems.

It is standard practice these days for companies to have an Analytics Division in addition to the usual HR, Marketing and Finance Divisions. Studies have shown data-driven decision making is more effective than gut-level strategic choices in running businesses.

MIND Analytics & Management (MINDAM), a member of the MIND Group, is a boutique data science firm providing cross-industry solutions in data visualisation, digital marketing and web analytics, blockchain, social media monitoring, management consulting and training. 

It has the right blend of technical expertise, business knowledge and acumen to extract insights from raw data and turn them into actionable decisions which can impact performance and can unlock business potential using a multi-disciplinary approach offering insights and actionable outcomes.

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