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Domestic at businesswoman’s house died of police assault

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Detained illegally after loss at Neththikumara’s house

Investigations carried out by the Police Special Investigation Unit have revealed that the woman who died mysteriously  while under arrest by the Welikada Police on suspicion of a theft at the home of Sudharma Neththikumara, a television drama producer and businesswoman, had been assaulted by the police.

Also, although this domestic had been arrested and detained by the police, the investigation revealed that she had been illegally detained without any note regarding her arrest. The Police Special Investigation Unit commenced an investigation on the orders of the Inspector General regarding the mysterious death of the maid who was arrested for a theft at Sudharma Neththikumara’s house while in police custody.

The investigation took into consideration information received by the Inspector General from various parties and Intelligence agencies that there is a suspicion regarding this death. R. Rajakumari, a resident of Badulla Nawala Watte Demodara, died while in police custody subsequent to being illegally arrested and detained on suspicion of a theft at Sudharma Neththikumara’s house. She was a 42-year-old mother of three children.

Police had illegally arrested the maid on the same day based on a complaint filed by Sudharma Neththikumara on May 11. That was when she had been working in a house located at Cotta Road, Borella. Police information revealed that Welikada police officers had arrested her illegally, kept her in the police station and beaten her and interrogated her about a lost gold ring belonging to Sudharma Neththikumara.

Police information also revealed that when she had said that she did not steal anything, the police officers had assaulted her.

According to other police information, she had been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital after she had fallen unconscious due to the beatings, stating that she was having trouble breathing.

The Welikada Police had said initially that she was taken to the hospital after suffering from breathing difficulties when she had been arrested, where she had died.

An open verdict has been given by the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer, regarding her death. It is said that her body parts have also been sent to the Government Analyst. Was her death due to police assault? So far, it has not been clearly revealed whether the fear caused by the police attack or if any other medical condition she had, had worsened.

However, a senior police officer said that it is clear that her death took place after she was illegally arrested and kept in police custody subsequent to being assaulted by the police.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 – 01:12

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