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Don’t hoard diesel, urges Ministry Secretary

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Energy Ministry Secretary K.D.R.Olga said that due to people storing diesel the shortage will aggravate.

She said that by having to pay large amounts of foreign exchange for getting stocks of fuel released, a problem will have to be faced when importing essential items and pharmaceuticals. She urged people to refrain from collecting diesel unnecessarily.

The Ministry Secretary said further that although there was a crisis regarding importing of fuel,as of now this was being carried out as required.

She further said that due to the increase in LIOC fuel prices, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has had to supply about 1,000 metric tons of diesel in addition to the normal daily requirement of 6,500 metric tonnes in the country.

The Secretary revealed that the consumption of kerosene had increased in the face of the gas crisis and that information has been received that private buses have resorted to using kerosene due to the increase in diesel prices.

Thursday, March 17, 2022 – 01:07

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