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Drunkards storm temple on Poya Day and assault monk

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Aralagangwila police said that a group of ten drunken persons who stormed into the Sri Saddharmarama temple Pimburaththewa, on Nikini Full Moon Poya Day, had threatened the monk who had been engaged in performing a Bodhi Pooja in that temple, with death and assaulted him as well as another Dayaka  and this person who sustained severe injuries had been admitted to the Aralaganwila hospital.

According to the police investigating the incident, a 28-year-old novice monk named Pimburatthewa Dhammarakkhitha Lankara and his brother were seriously injured at the during this incident at the temple.

Aralagangwila police also said that Chief Incumbent of the Pimburatthewa Silumini Seya vihara Ampare Kusaladhammalankara Nayaka Thera had lodged a complaint with the police that the gang that had damaged the property had stolen a sum of one hundred thousand rupees as well.

Responding to an inquiry made, Aralagangwila Police OIC Chief Inspector Indunil Hemapala said that it is a group of youths residing in the Pimburatthewa Aralagangwila village who threatened to kill the monk and attacked the property of the temple.

Chief Incumbent of the Pimburatthewa Silumina Seya Amparae Kusaladhammalankara Nayaka thera said that he had complained to the Aralagangwila Police under several charges including making death threats, intimidation, damage to property and robbery.

The Nayaka thera said that in the past, the novice monks, including himself, had strongly

opposed the use of illegal drugs in the area, and that some youths of the village had become drug addicts, and that they had publicly assaulted the monk and the Dayakas, caused damage to property and robbed the temple as well, which is a serious incident.

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