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Exponential increase in revenue license renewals with the lift of lockdown restrictions

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The software system implemented by ICTA in collaboration with provincial authorities of the department of motor traffic forms the backbone software solution for issuing approximately 6.5 million vehicle revenue licenses annually at over 900 counter locations islandwide.

On average, 34,000 licenses are issued daily, and up to 6,800 licenses during peak hours.

However, due to the ongoing increased demand for the service due to license issuances accumulated during the COVID lockdown period, the software solution has been catering to more than 55,000 licenses daily and up to 11,000 licenses during peak hours. This is over a 60% growth in demand.

The software solution, which was in successful operation since 2009, is experiencing intermittent delays catering to the exponential growth.

The next version of the software is currently being implemented by ICTA and will be operationalized by mid-2022

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