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Father dies, son injured in Weligama shooting

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A father and son were shot by two motorcycle riders using a T-56 weapon, in Denipitiya,  Weligama area. The father died and the son who was injured had been admitted to the Weligama hospital.

The deceased is a person named Kamal Chaminda (52), who is said to be a close friend of Nadun Chinthaka Wickremaratne alias Harak Kata. He is a resident of Weligama Pelene. His injured son is 20.

Investigations have revealed that the deceased and his son had been shot at on the night of 15 May, when they had stopped their motorcycle at the junction at the turn-off to Denipitiya Mullabokka Road and waiting in expectation of meeting some person.

The police said that the deceased was running a business of providing surfboards to tourists. About 10 months before, he had been arrested by the police for assaulting a young tourist guide on the beach and throwing him to the ground. A senior police officer said that he had been released on bail about two and a half months ago after being remanded in custody subsequent to being produced at court. The officer said that the person who had been assaulted and and knocked to the ground had been under treatment in the hospital for several months in a serious condition and the person still finds it difficult to talk.

The officer said that this person who was killed is a registered criminal in the country. According to the police he has been charged with crimes such as assault, robbery and possession of firearms.

Police had not received any clear information as to who had shot at the father and son and killed the father, until yesterday evening (16). Police believe that by uncovering the facts about the reason why the father and son had suddenly gone to Denipitiya from home and stayed at the junction at the turn-off to Mullabokka Road, they would be able to find out a lot of information about this shooting. The senior police officer further stated that the injured person has not given any clear information in this regard and the police is trying to get information from him.


Wednesday, May 17, 2023 – 01:00

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