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Finance Ministry to survey all vehicles used by public entities

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The Finance Ministry has decided to conduct a survey with the aim of getting information about the vehicles available in the Government Ministerial Departments, Institutional Boards and Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions.

A new computer software has been prepared for this purpose so that the Treasury can obtain information about the vehicles in these institutions through a simple technical process.

Finance Ministry Secretary Mahinda Siriwardena said the Ministry has already informed relevant institutions to enter information related to all vehicles in this software.

The Ministry earlier conducted such a survey in 2015.

The Finance Secretary said that the purpose of this census is to make an accurate estimate of the number of vehicles that are usable and unusable.

In the last census, it was found that there are about 80,000 vehicles in government institutions.

The Finance Secretary mentioned that this time, information on the vehicles owned by the central government as well as the provincial councils and the local government bodies will be formally perused and collected.


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