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Magnus Rosen,Ex- Hammerfall Bassist and international musician, whom we have featured in ‘TnC Melodies’ earlier, gives us the latest updates about his new album, ‘It’s time to rock the world again’. Compared with his fellow musicians in the international music industry, he’s quite a different character altogether. He prefers to live a simple life in the forest in Sweden without plunging into luxuries. He almost does not have alcohol, does not smoke, and never uses Nakortika (Heavy drugs) which is not a surprising indeed in the international music scene. But practically, that’s Magnus Rosen for you.

“My new album with M.R.B = (Magnus Rosén Band) with the title is ‘It’s Time to Rock the World Again’’. This is a fireworks show of Rockmusik in various branches. Rock music has a history and it is partly told with this record from the 1960s to up to now in 2022. I have had the honor of inviting great musicians such as Janne Schaffer who recorded 50 songs with ABBA, he played with Bob Marley plus many more. Tony Martin ex singer from Black Sabbath who makes a wonderful interpretation of the old song “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” written by Bill Withers,” Magnus revealed.

“Me and the Sri Lankan born star, Chitral Somapala wrote a song together called ‘Paperplane’ which is about a little guy from Sri Lanka who finds a paper airplane on the ground. When the boy threw this simple little paper airplane into the air, something big happened. The boy had a dream about the future that would follow him through life. One day he was sitting on the runway in his airliner to fly people around the world. It’s a wonderful story,” he explained.

Musicians from Brazil like Fabio Buitvidas is both drummer and producer for the album. Raphael Mattos is the guitarist. There are a few more guests from South America and musicians from Sweden who have given the album a wonderful international feel.

Mikael Erlandsson handles the keyboard, Zenny Gram the song and a super guitarist from Silver Moutntin Jonas Hansson plus several others have done their bit to make it a success.

Unfurling his thoughts about Chitral, Magus adds, “Chitral is a very nice musician who has made music with many different styles. I also recognize this in my music life. Here we have a common denominator. I met Chitral during a tour with Hammerfall where he played with his band. It was over 20 years ago, since then we have had contact. My experience of Chitral is that he wants a good bright world. He is a man who loves to be in the adventure of music, this is his life. He always cares about his nice family which he always holds in high esteem, it says a lot about who Chitral is. Added to that – he is a fantastic singer.”

Speaking about the current situation in which restrictions have been lifted gradually Magnus notes, “Finally, the world opens up again, I hope it stays open. This gives us all an opportunity to return to our jobs. The music industry has changed a lot as much else after the internet was placed in our world for better or worse. I hope the record is released and we come out and start doing concerts.”

– SP

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 – 01:00

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