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Former CTB employee who stole ATM cards nabbed

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The Bambalapitiya Police arrested a former CTB employee who stole Bank ATM cards from people, withdrew money and used the money to buy drugs and gamble at casinos.  

Police said that the 36-year-old suspect who is a resident of the Kapugoda area was remanded until December 6 after being produced before the Court.

The suspect was arrested during the investigation regarding two complaints received by the Bambalapitiya Police.

According to one complaint, the fraud committed by this person is Rs.400,000, while the second complaint states that the amount of fraud is Rs.120,000. According to Police, the suspect had inserted polythene bags into the slot where a card holder inserts the ATM card in the machine and when the card gets stuck he comes forward and helps the card owner retrieve the card. As soon as he gets the card out, he hides it and gives the ATM card owner another card and waits near the machine until he punches the secret PIN number. After memorizing the PIN number, he goes to the nearest ATM machine and withdraws the maximum amount possible from the card he stole.



Tuesday, November 29, 2022 – 01:00

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