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Fraudster who duped promising UK, US visa arrested in Kandy

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A man who had defrauded over Rs.500 million from a large number of people while promising Visa’s to US and Europe was arrested by the Kandy Police on Monday. The man who was in hiding was found by the Police while investigating a complaint that a man who had been posing as an Indian national had left a hotel he was staying in Kandy without paying the bill.

The Police arrested the suspect and later found that 22 arrest warrants have been issued against him by courts.

Police also say that 30 complaints have been made against him to the Criminal Investigation Department regarding large-scale financial fraud.

Due to the suspect posing as an Indian national, the hotel management had forwarded the complaint against him to the Tourism Police Unit of the Kandy Police. However, when the suspect was arrested and questioned and it had been revealed that he is a Sri Lankan national, Police said.

Investigations have revealed that the suspect who posed as an Indian national had defrauded millions of rupees from a large number of people while promising them Visa’s to US and Europe.

It has been revealed that the suspect, a resident of Peradeniya, Kandy, disguised himself and went to different parts of the country to commit these frauds.

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