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On today’s T&C we are going to have a chat with an upcoming singer/song writer from the hill country, who has produced many talented professionals in every field, two of them being mainly in sports and music.

Ruwan Kumara Ranasinghe is a young musician from Kandy who deserves recognition in the Sri Lankan music field and has good potential for a bright future in his music career. It will be appreciable if we could lend a helping hand to these musicians, to come up and establish themselves, who could also be an asset to the future music scene. Even at school, Ruwan had a passion for music and also a great desire to become a musician who captured people’s hearts all across the globe. Having studied at Alapalawala Maha Vidayalaya, he lives with his parents and sister who were his main inspiration and made him the person who he is today. He also remembers his friends who helped him in the best possible way. He is grateful for the immense support they have given him throughout the years and still continue to do so. Thus he uses this as an opportunity to thank all those who he is unable to mention individually.

Ruwan Kumara’s first song was ‘’Paata Gaawa Adare ‘’ in 2014, with music created by Ruwan Meegaswaththa and lyrics done by Danushka Kumarathunga. The next to follow was, ‘’Nolabena Obe’’ in 2015, which was a duet.

Nimanthi Chamodani joined him as the female vocalist, where music was produced by Dulip Mirando, lyrics and videograpghy by Sathsara Kasun.

The song was selected among the top 25 out of 400 songs, at the Derana Music Awards. It was on the playlists of several media channels. His other songs include ‘’Sanasumak Patha’’ and also “Obe Ruwa’’ which was written by Ruwan himself and also his sister. This made it more special.

This was a cover song which was done for a Hindi melody. Lyrics were written by Ruwan Meegaswatte and music was rearranged by Sanjula Himala. He hopes to releases his latest song “Sagare Tharam” soon, which is also his second duet sung with Imasha Muthukumari. This is also a Hindi cover, with music rearrangement done by Nilan Fernando and lyrics done by Radika Madushan. He speaks fondly of those who have helped him and gives priority to his family who had been his backbone throughout.


Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, so that the readers will get to know you better?

Most people know me as Ruwan Kumara who sings the ‘’Nolabena Obe ‘’ song.

Q: What inspired you to become a singer/song writer?

I was interested in music from my younger days. That inspired me to become a musician and a lyricist.

Q: Who were your role models in the field?

Veteran musicians such as Sunil Edirisinghe, Victor Rathnayake, T M Jayarathne and several others helped me in my journey. It was my family and friends who helped me a lot to achieve this position. I became a lyricist around three or four years ago.

Q: What kind of subjects /themes do you focus on, to write songs?

I mostly wrote songs based on love and separation.

Q: What were your achievements as a song writer/musician?

One of my songs was selected among the final top 25 at the Derana Music Awards 2015.

Q: Name one of the best moments in your music career.

I can never forget the moment when one of my songs was played through a media channel for the first time.

Q: Apart from being a songwriter / musician, is there any other profession which you do?

I’m currently doing my own business.

Q: What were the songs which became most popular?

“Paata Gaawa Adare” and “Nolabena Obe “ were hits .

Q: Looking back at your short period as a songwriter / musician, how do you feel?

I am very happy about the journey I have come so far.

Q: Anybody whom you would like to thank so far? anything new coming up?

I wish to thank my mother, sister all my family members and friends who helped me reach success.

Something new is coming. It is my latest song. All viewers and listeners will be able to enjoy it soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 – 01:00

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