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Fuel imports tested for quality at all times – Minister

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The Government reiterates that there is no issue with the standard of fuel used in the country.

Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge addressing media said the standards of the relevant fuels are tested by several world renowned Standards Institutes from the time of loading of the fuel until it is unloaded in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, he urged the public not to panic unnecessarily as so far no complaints have been brought to the notice of the government regarding the standard of fuel.

“There was an issue with the distribution, but now that is being resolved and in a few more days, these queues will subside.”

However, the minister noted that by yesterday there were reports that the fuel imported into the country was of low quality. “There were allegations that the efficiency of the fuel was low and that the fuel was of low standard. However, I responsibly state that the fuel imported to the Petroleum Corporation is tested by internationally reputed standards institutions to determine if it’s of the proper quality prior to unloading it here. Prior to the fuel being loaded, it is tested by an internationally reputed company and we are given a certification regarding its quality. Then, when it arrives in Colombo, we take samples of the consignment and test it in our labs to determine if it’s of the proper standard. If it fails to meet our standard, we don’t accept the fuel stock. We have the best lab facilities in Asia and we test the samples there. Hence, I assure the public that we don’t import any sub-standard fuel to this country, nor have we distributed any sub-standard fuel.”

The Minister said there is an unprecedented increase in individuals purchasing fuel in cans.

“The demand has increased and people are stocking up additional stocks using cans. I call the filling stations every morning and check with them about their requirements.” Minister Lokuge said around 22,500MT of petrol stocks are available at present which is sufficient for four to five days.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – 01:08

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