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Fuel quotas to remain as it is

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Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has stated that the fuel quotas will remain unchanged. This decision was taken after a Progress review meeting with the CPC which held yesterday (24 April) which discussed and reviewed the Fuel Quotas, Fuel Cargo Import plan, Fuel Distribution & National Fuel Pass QR system.
The current quotas in place under the QR Code system which was updated for the ‘awurudu season’ will continue be applicable. Accordingly, the quotas allocated will remain as follows:

* Three-wheelers: 8 litres,
* Motorcycles: 7 litres,
* Buses: 60 litres
* Cars: 30 litres
* Land vehicles: 25 litres
* Lorries: 75 litres
* Quadric cycles: 6 litres
* Special purpose: 30 litres
* Vans: 30 litres

Previous fuel quota was updated on 04 April, in light of the new year season. The initial place was to revert back to the previous quotas under the QR Code system after the ‘new year season’ on 18 April. However, the Ministry has decided to continue with the updated quota system based on the analysis of fuel imports, management, distribution and sales data.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 – 17:45

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