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Fueled by Delta, US sees surge in COVID cases

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A database maintained by the Times showed that the average for daily new COVID-19 cases in Florida reached 23,314 on the weekend, which is 30 per cent higher than the state’s previous peak in January. In Tennessee, children now make up 36 per cent of the new Covid-19 cases, a sombre milestone in the battle against the virus. According to the state’s health commissioner Lisa Piercey, Tennessee had 14,000 paediatric cases in the last seven days—a 57 per cent increase over the previous week.Kentucky and Texas have also joined the list of states where intensive care units (ICUs) are overflowing with patients extremely ill with the coronavirus, while top health officials in New Mexico warned on Wednesday that the state is about a week away from rationing health care.

Public health officials in the United States have said that the recent surge in COVID-19 cases is largely fueled by the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus, which is latching on to the unvaccinated. In areas where vaccination rates are particularly low, doctors have pleaded with their communities to get inoculated to spare overburdened hospitals.


Source DailyNews
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