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Geetha breaks down, asks what wrong she committed

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Parliamentarian Geetha Kumarasinghe broke down in tears during the debate on the recent violence in the country, narrating the ordeal she had to go through when mobs attacked her home.

She said that having the opportunity to live comfortably in Switzerland with her daughter, she had opted to live in Sri Lanka alone, serving her beloved people. “When they were attacking my home, I was trembling in fear and was hiding in a corner of a room. What wrong have I done. I have never hurt anyone. I have sacrificed everything to engage in politics and serve my people. I slogged and slaved in cinema and won many awards through sheer dedication and hard work. They destroyed all my trophies and awards. Why? Why did these young people do this to me? I can never get my awards and trophies back. You all have mothers, I am also a mother, why did you do this to me?” she sobbed.

She said that the youth who had attacked her home had dashed all her precious trophies on the ground and broken them to pieces. “What wrong have I ever done to you? Why have you destroyed all my precious awards with such malice?

Kumarasinghe added that she was living in that hose alone as her family are in Switzerland. She also said that she is well aware of who came to attack her home as their actions were all recorded on her CCTV cameras. However, she said that she is not a revengeful person and had not disclosed the identities of her attackers to the police.

Saturday, May 21, 2022 – 01:01

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