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Girl found dead outside hotel near rail line in Kalutara

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Couple surrender, one man absconding after party

A body of a 16 year-old girl was found near the railway line behind a hotel in Kalutara. The deceased was a resident   of Kalutara, Nagoda named Tihara Nirmani Nishshanka de Silva. The girl came to a hotel room in Kalutara with another woman and two men last Saturday (6) and rented two rooms.

The person who came with the deceased girl was 29 years old and the other man and the women were 19 and 22 year olds, and a hotel had seen them consuming liquor in the same room, police said. According to further investigations police found out that the girl came to the hotel with a fake ID belonging to a 20 year old girl living in Nagoda, Kalutara.

After some time the 19 year-old and the 22 year old women left the hotel and about 20 minutes after the man who stayed with the deceased girl left the hotel in a hurry, police said.

A person who came to eat to the same hotel informed the hotel that a body is lying near the railway line. Police came after the hotel staff called 119. The police checked the body, and it has been observed that the girl had died.

The man and the woman who came to the hotel with the girl surrenderd, however, the person who stayed at the room with the girl had left in a white car and investigations are underway to arrest him, Police said.

The person who stayed with the girl called and informed that the girl jumped out of the hotel, then the other two who left the hotel went and dragged the body out of the railway line and surrendered to police after about an hour, a senior police officer said.


Monday, May 8, 2023 – 01:00

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