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Governmeent allocates Rupees 3,000 million for sports development

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The Government has provided benefits for development of Sports through the 2022 budget especially focussing on sport facilities both in village and school playgrounds as well as indoor sport facilities .

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa inhis budget speech said

“Sports is essential to maintain physical and mental well being . It is our responsibility to improve sports facilities both in the city and village. Therefore, attention is paid to develop sports facilities in villages and school playgrounds and indoor sports facilities. Accordingly, the Finance Minister proposed to allocate Rs.3,000 million for sports development in addition to the already made allocation .

The Sports Ministry and the Rural and School Infrastructure Improvement State Ministry have already started their proposed development programmes and the budget proposed money can be used for these development projects said Director General of Sports Amal Edirisooriya.

The Sports Ministry has already identified that most of the school playgrounds and rural play grounds are not up to standard for the students’ sports activities.The sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa pointed out divisional secretariat level performance of athletes is always important to go forward .

There are about 10,175 playgrounds in schools all over the country. The Ministry is planning to select one school from each zone and altogether 99 playgrounds to reconstruct and improve the standard. The reconstruction work includes the improvement of playgrounds, dressing rooms, and the installment of special drainage systems for the ground. In addition, the Ministry expected to invest money for sports equipment allocated for the schools which will be selected on zonal basis. The Ministry hopes to spend money for each project which includes player sanitary facilities, dressing rooms, sprinkler systems, and a fence around the ground for protection while these projects will be completed through Provincial Councils .In addition rural playground development is another area to focus and the State Ministry of Rural and School Infrastructure Improvement is working hard for these developments.

Meanwhile the Chief Secretary of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Ranjani Jayakody who was the former Director General of Sports said Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa has a clear vision to uplift sports and he always focussed on two areas rural and school sports to get higher standard . This time Government has provided more support with financial assistance to develop sports in rural level as well as school level and it’s very important . The Sport Minister also pointed out the importance of sport development to make healthy society. Rural athletes lack facilities and Government support is important for them and providing infrastructure facilities is the key area to look after well.

Sports and Education always get together to go forward and Sport Ministry has big responsibility to go this journey.As a former Sports Development Department Head I knew what type of difficulties we had those days but we always have to focus on athletes and their sports she said

The Athletic National coach Y.K Kularatne said SportsMinistry has lready made plans till year 2032 . The National Sports Council and High Performance Committee already work hard for the athletes development. Going back to our sport history athleticsis the main sport to produce more International medals. The Sports Minister already started sports development programs in district level and provincial level.I think Government financial assistance always strengthen the Sports Ministry activities.Most of the sport development projects are being implemented.

We wanted to complete constructions at least two more syntactic tracks from outstation areas and If we can provide these facilities for rural athletes we can easily develop athletes skills from there own areas and no need to come to Colombo .If they will come to Colombo they have to spend more money and providing accommodation also serious issue. Due to this reason some talented athletes already give up their sport. In addition sports Complex with all facilities at outstation areas also very important for athletes. The facilities of the coaches also key area to develop with the Government support said National athletic coach Y.K Kularatne.

The former President of the Table Tennis Association of Sri Lanka (TTASL) Chandana Perera who is the present TT coaching and development committee Secretary said the SportsMinistry already provided big support to develop Table Tennis.

Especially finding sponsorship is very difficult for sports like TT and more financial support from the Government will benefit the players.

We had a big issue without our own sports Complex to get regular practices as well as conduct tournaments and present Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa made arrangements to get complete Sports Complex from Bandaragama and it will be officially handed over by the Sports Minister on November 28 the opening day of the National Championship.

Modern facilities for the sports is very important and more financial assistance from the Government is good news for all sports added veteran sport administrator Chandana Perera .


Monday, November 15, 2021 – 01:00

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