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Grubtech to recruit Lankan talent to support global expansion

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Grub Tech’s team of professionals
Grub Tech’s team of professionals

Grubtech is an end-end technology platform for the F&B sector, that has empowered many food and beverage companies which has previously been without any off the shelf SaaS platform to optimize operations locally and globally.

Grubtech to recruit Lankan talent to support global expansionWith its highly skilled engineering team focused on designing and structuring its platform to roll out its technology with optimal performance, backed by the right leadership, has resulted in the firm acquiring customers across fifteen countries that include the Asian, African, European and the Middle East regions.

The tech firm’s growth has been profound, given its unique success story in less than 20 months of operation, which is rare in the tech industry and Grubtech owes its success to the unique innovative engineers it employs.

With the continuous demand for their innovative solutions accelerating, the company is now on a massive global expansion drive and plans to employ talented and highly skilled engineers to expand the companies’ solutions in building an internet scale platform, while also creating and developing talent pools in Sri Lanka for the global arena.

Grubtech Head of Engineering Ishan Anthony giving an insight said, “At Grubtech we believe in empowering teams to bring out the abilities of each individual, while supporting staff in learning and development by discarding traditional Development methods. Our teams at Grubtech possess full autonomy to make the best decisions for the product by taking ownership of the entire lifecycle of product development, which in turn promotes empowerment and fosters growth substantially and creates an environment for innovation. This creative culture has turned into results, with us achieving goals and many milestones in less than two years of operation, where we have evolved from a team of less than 5 engineers to over 70 engineers in 4 different countries.”

Explaining their product suite, Ishan stated that the firm’s operating system has integrations with food aggregators and supports on-premise technologies, including an omnichannel point of sale (POS) coupled with a restaurant management system that is geared to offer the best experience for any dine-in and online customers.

The system has been created and designed to provide restaurant operators with a whole view of their businesses via operational info and sales data which in turn enables them to make more informed decisions.

Outlining their future plans Ishan said that Grubtech has a set plan over the next one year to develop more solutions as well as expand its global presence. “The demand for the Grubtech platform is a vote of confidence for our team’s relentless efforts to improve our capabilities through ongoing attention to maintaining brand standards, consistency, speed, continuous improvement, fast iteration and innovation.”

Thursday, February 17, 2022 – 01:00

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