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Heart disease treatment unit opened

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It was the late Director Dr. Gunawardena who in 2006 laid the foundation stone for the massive Millennium City building being constructed on the premises of the South Colombo Teaching Hospital. Subsequently it was delayed for about 20 years due to several contractors abandoning construction, according to Director General of Health Services (DGHS) Dr. Asela Gunawardena. following to say.

The DGHS said that since construction of this building had to be done in stages, it was not possible to open the entire building at once. “We were invited on several occasions when some part of the building was completed, but it was difficult to attend due to the Covid pandemic. We are the ones who impose quarantine laws and if we were to violate them and hold functions it would not have been a good thing. Hence, we did not participate.”

Dr. Gunawardena said this heart disease treatment unit is not only for this area and we have to develop it so that it is productive for patients in the entire country. It was under Korean assistance that medical equipment was supplied to the Health Ministry. However, everything had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

At present the new Health Minister has granted permission for this equipment and it is being received. Accordingly, by about the middle of next year all the equipment would have been received and all the floors of this building would be completed and then we believe that we will be able to establish treatment units. Then it will be possible to vest everything in the public at the same time, Dr. Gunawardena.

Director of the Hospital Dr. Sagarie Kiriwandeniya said that this Millennium City building construction dragged on for more than 20 years. However, we have to thank everyone at the Ministry who provided their support to complete four floors of this building even if it was during the period of the pandemic.

On one hand, this is the only building that has been under construction for the longest period in Sri Lanka for the first time and it is possible that it is the only building where floor by floor is being opened in stages.

“We have to express our thanks to everyone who contributed and unexpected persons who contributed on unexpected occasions enabling at least a few floors to be completed from time to time. We have to appreciate this Director’s contribution too,” Dr. Kiriwandeniya said.

“I hope that it will be possible to complete construction of the remaining floors as well and we will be able to open the entire building during a function on the same day. Although we do not possess all medical equipment required, we will be able to use what we have together with what we receive newly and it is possible that we will have to put in great effort to further develop not only the heart disease treatment unit, but all other sections,” Dr. Kiriwandeniya said.

Seth pirith was chanted on this occasion by Ven. Bandaragama Dhammajothi Thera, Ven. Makandana Sumana Thera and Ven. Pannipitiye Sheelananda Thera of the Sambodhi Yogashrama Temple, Weniwelpola, Polgasowita and other Maha Sangha.

The katina robe to be deposited at the Seruwawila Rajamaha Vihara was placed here and religious observances were carried out.

A limited number of participants including Hospital Director Dr. Sagarie Kiriwandeniya, Deputy Director Dr. Lasitha Malalasekera, Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Andhra Pathirana, Consultant Dr. Malan Almeida, Consultant Cardiologist Stanley Amarasekera, Consultant Dr. Dasanthi Pathmeemana, Hospital Administrative Secretary Sudath Wilson, Head Nurse Special Grade Sachitha Priyadharshani, Cardiology Clinic Nurse Amalika, Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Rajakannan, Dr. Rahuman, Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Chandrika Ponnamperuma and Nadeeja, Special Grade Nurse Rasika Priyadharshani and Nursing Officer W.D.C.D. Vithana together with nursing staff and junior staff participated at this event, complying with health protection rules.

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