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Hemas looks to route global multinationals in feminine skincare market

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Range of Vivya products officially launched

Hemas Holdings is looking to route global multinationals from their dominance in the feminine skincare market both locally and in the subcontinent through the introduction of their new Vivya range of skincare products.

The FMCG conglomerate hopes to corner the market through its better understanding of the consumer profile and honest motive of providing skincare treatment to its loyal customers.

Vivya’s range of products includes Advance Radiance Day Cream, Intense Restore Night Cream, Glow Face Wash, Purifying Deep Cleanser, and Skin Recharge Serum. The products were officially launched virtually on November 15.

CEO Katsuri Chellaraja Wilson noted that Vivya was looking to unleash the beauty of youthful skin. She added that the product looked to unlock natural beauty in its natural form and for consumers to benefit from their own natural glow. Wilson hoped the product would help Sri Lankan women unlock their historical beauty.

Director Innovation Sabrina Esufally noted that ‘beauty should be celebrated regardless of your skin.’ Esufally also stated, “We believe that women don’t have to be a certain complexion in order to be beautiful.”

Business Development Manager Imeshi Sahabandu noted that unlike other multinational backed skincare regimes which promote artificial and unnatural ingredients to whiten skin, the Vivya range of products looks to make skin regain the radiance it held during the consumer’s youth.

The Vivya range uses heirloom rice as a core ingredient. The product is clinically proven to be effective. Heirloom rice is rich in antioxidants and offers above-average nutrients within a normal skincare routine.

EDB Chairman Suresh De Mel opined that Hemas has managed to combine Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage into a modern product that is well-positioned to exploit the newly formed export advisory committees for domestic ayurvedic products.

The product is expected to be popular within the Indian and the Maldivian markets. Vivya was developed and launched over the pandemic period and has gone through multiple iterations with domestic feedback from the loyal Hemas consumer base.

FMCG MD Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne noted that Hemas was under leveraging itself against global multinationals in the FMCG marketplace. Wijeyeratne noted that Hemas ‘holds its own on any global shelf’. He went on to add that the Hemas development team was completely Sri Lankan and all R&D was carried out domestically.

Parabowa Farmers Association Chairman Rasika Premasiri thanked Hemas Holdings for finding additional use cases for traditional varieties of rice that would help keep the industry alive in the modern age. He noted that the farming community had been using heirloom rice in its skincare routines already and through Hemas more people would benefit from the natural healing properties of the grain. 

Monday, November 22, 2021 – 01:00

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