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Horror overdosed!

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Frypan and Newt accompany Thomas in this venture in which they encounter Thomas’ romantic interest Theresa who has ‘betrayed’ them to team up with those in the “Last City” to try and find a cure for a virus which is spreading its wings of death across the city. They also get to know that Gally has escaped with death and wish to help them in their mission. What follows is a gripping journey in which the team learns the lessons of heroism, love, trust and betrayal the hard way.

A feature one should note about the ‘Maze Runner’ trilogy is that all three movies have done justice to the novels. They are full of intrigue and are spellbinding and not to mention horrifying! There are several fast paced action sequences in the film that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Newt’s tragic departure is heart wrenching and Theresa’s exit too is unexpected. Going along the traditional lines of these kinds of films, one would have expected Theresa to break away from her alliance with the WCKD organization and unite with Thomas. Instead we see her as a martyred when she falls to her death after seeing the wounded Thomas off to safety.

The special effects are handled in a commendable manner. Director Wes Ball has certainly made full use of the latest technology to create stunningly realistic scenes from the horrifying chase by the virus infected Cranks to the fire infused finale.

Those new to the ‘Maze Runner’ series might find the first bits of the film a bit confusing but for those who are fans of the novels or the movies; this will be a visual treat.

A few confusing moments occur because there seem to be too many sub plots involved in the film. One such scene deals with Brenda and Frypan trying to save a busload of youngsters from being captured again. There are a few laugh worthy incidents but most of the scenes are serious.

Dylan O’Brien stands out as Thomas among the cast. He portrays his role expertly as the loyal friend and tormented lover who wishes to give his life to save his loved ones. Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt and Ki Hong Lee too deserve being mentioned for their performances. The rest of the cast do well though they are not given much screen time.

If you are a fan of the franchise or ‘The Hunger Game’ trilogy ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ will be of interest to you. The ‘Maze Runner’ is the rare series that has improved with each installment.

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