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Huawei Sri Lanka to invest over Rs. 700 mn

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Huawei, Director, Public Affairs and Communication, Christophe Tsing LEE said that this is a part of a USD 50 million drive by Huawei to promote ICT sector in the Asian region. “This not only for youth but we are also targeting senior citizen to teach basic ICT knowledge such as computers and mobile phones, improve the overall digital skills of the people of Lanka, and better adapt to the digital transformation of the country,” he said.

“Asia’s ICT infrastructure is growing rapidly, but it still needs continuously development for the digital future and we want to use part of this funding to create more public ICT awareness as well.”

“In addition, our aim is to assist and create a team of over 500 ICT professionals in the next three years and this is currently being done with the backing of the Universities. We will also select 10 top university students each year to go to Huawei headquarters to learn Chinese culture and industry-edge ICT technologies,” continued LEE.

He also identified start up as a key towards ICT development in Sri Lanka and offered a voucher system for them.

Huawei has understood that key thrust areas is in R&D and has invested US$21.3 billion R&D investment in 2020.

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