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I want to be remembered as one of the best opening batsmen, says Sahil Dias

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Wesley Skipper Sahil Dias in action in a cricket match.
Wesley Skipper Sahil Dias in action in a cricket match.

Sahil Dias played first XI school cricket as an all rounder, for his alma mater Wesley College, Colombo in the Inter-School tournaments. He has also been in the Sri Lanka national cricket pool as well. Sahil is the present first XI cricket captain.

Speaking exclusively to Daily News, Sahil said “My parents noted my talent towards sports hence they influenced me from a young age and that’s the main reason why I entered the world of sport”.

“My parents have always been my biggest supporters, they have always supported me since day one and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today, also special thanks to my coaches who trained me and pushed me to my limit and never gave up on me”.

Sahil Dias

“Ever since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed watching cricket and pictured myself playing on the field. I chose cricket because my brothers pushed me for it and I enjoy playing the game and that’s the main reason why I chose the game of cricket”.

“Being a cricketer is not easy but you have to be mentally and physically prepared for it on the field also you should be prepared to let go of things in life then you can be successful in your life”. “My favourite leisure time activity is listening to songs and enjoying it and my favourite cricketer is Mahela Jayawardane”.

“Thus far my most unforgettable incident was scoring my first cricket half century when I was in grade six and watching my beloved father crying in joy. It was a dream come true for me, hence I

cherish that moment very much”. “Top most priorities in my life are God, family, my friends, studies and Cricket”.

“I don’t compare myself with any one; I am doing what I believe in”. “My greatest accomplishments in life are getting the opportunity to equal the cricketing great Mahadevan Sathasivam’s all time batting record against S.Thomas Mount Lavinia. Also I will say the recent unbeaten knock of 212 which I scored against Ananda College”.

“The most common compliment I get is when people called me with the title of “Little Sathasivam” for equalling the batting record of Mahadevan Sathasivam against S. Thomas’ College”. “The pandemic taught me to be safe, never take it easy and always help each

other”. “Yes, I am happy with all my achievements and I hope to push myself further in the future”.

“The most embarrassing moment on the cricket field was when I was small in a cricket match when I was fielding ball struck my mouth and broke a tooth, because of that I cried at that moment on the field and the spectators laughed at me”. “In life I like to describe myself as a Strong and Sensitive person” “When I grow up, I want to be a strong, confident cricketer and continue

self-practicing without thinking what the situation is, because “Practice makes a perfect player”.

“I want to be remembered as a renowned cricketer, who is always a down to earth player and in the end to be one of the best opening batsmen in Wesley’s cricket history, that’s the kind of legacy I would like to have” concluded Sahil Dias.


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